Glossary of Terms and Acronyms




Here are just some of the terms you will hear in Bay Area transportation planning:

MTC: Metropolitan Transportation Commission

ABAG: Association of Bay Area Governments

SFMTA: San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

ACTC: Alameda County Transportation Commission

SCVTA: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

CCTA: Contra Costa Transportation Authority

SMART: Sonoma-Marin Area (rail) Transit

ACE: Altamont Commuter (rail) Express

CAHSRA: California High Speed Rail Authority

HSR: High Speed Rail

CMA: (County) Congestion Management Agency

PBA: Plan Bay Area

PDA: Planned Development Area (that would supposedly lead to less driving)

FTA: Federal Transit Administration

New Starts Program: A federal program established to provide large federal grants to deserving transportation projects

AB 32: California State Law designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the 1990 level by 2020

Muni: San Francisco's municipal transit system

DTX: Downtown Extension of Caltrain

CEQA: California Environmental Quality Act

EIR: Environmental Impact Report (required under CEQA)

NEPA: National Environmental Protection Act

EIS: Environmental Impact Statement (required under NEPA) TTC: Transbay Transit Center