MTC Background

Below you will find links to articles and suggestions to improve MTC and its ability to meet its regional planning objective of improving Bay Area transportation

BANG Exposes Hemminger's Power Grab

The Bay Area News Group has just published a hard hitting editorial exposing the sudden move of Steve Heminger, MTC's ever-ambitious Director, to take over the Central Planning Function of another agency. The editorial goes on to describe MTC's long standing failure to carry out its own transportation planning functions effectively. Read more here.

BATWG's Reaction to MTC's Proposed ABAG Takeover

At MTC's regular September 23rd meeting, MTC's Executive Director spent an hour and a half telling his commissioners why he thought he should be given the authority to take over ABAG's land use planning function.  It was a bad idea that engendered dozens of strong opposition statements from Bay Area cities, planning departments, labor unions, environmental groups and transit adequacy groups such as BATWG.  Read more about BATWG's reaction here. (Luckily, wiser heads prevailed and by MTC's October 28th meeting an agreement had been worked out, acceptable to ABAG as well as MTC, under which consideration would be given to various ways of productively combining certain MTC and ABAG functions).

BATWG's Plan for Reorganizing MTC

Traffic congestion in the Bay Area has been getting steadily worse for 35 years. BATWG has prepared a special report with recommendations about ways to restructure MTC into an organization that can improve regional transportation much more efficiently. Read more here.

BATWG OpEd in the Mercury

The San Jose Mercury News recently published BATWG's OpEd for what is wrong with MTC.